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I mostly use the Winsor & Newton Artists’OilColour line of paints. There are many brands of paint that are equally good (and in some cases better) as Winsor & Newton, but I recommend Winsor & Newton primarily because they are available worldwide.

In addition to the essential colors, sometimes I need to “boost” my colors with additional pigments.


The base for any painting is the support; the surface on which the colours are applied. All the great painters of our times paid the greatest attention to the quality and the preparation of this support. This is why I use traditional methods of preparing and stretching the canvas. I’m using ready made canvases, linen or cotton prefered.


Artists have different preferences when it comes to brushes.I like having a couple of sizes ranging from 2 – 14 . For me it is useful to have multiples of the smaller sizes such as 2, 4 and 6. This is what I mostly use for my paintings:

Cat’s Tounge Brush Series, synthetic
Round Brush Series , synthetic
Round brush kolinsky sable hair
Cat’s tongue brush kolinsky sable hair
Saphire Brush Series


In order for the colours to adhere to the primer; a good binding agent is needed. This binding agent needs to allow the colours to coat the primer fully; creating a solid coating and at the same time be able to showcase the colours’ luminosity. In oil painting we are faced with using three desiccating oils : linseed; poppy seed and walnut oil. Due to oxygen absorption from the air; the oils dry out and become a translucent solid that contain microscopic flakes of pigments.

I currently use the following mediums:
Drying linseed oil
Cold pressed linseed oil
mixed with
Venice turpentine
Distilled turpentine
and for the final varnish of the paintings I use Gloss varnish or Matt varnish depending of  what the paintings require.

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